Review: YEAH!

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Everything about YEAH! (2011, Fantagraphics) is pretty ridiculous.

For most people, Peter Bagge and Gilbert Hernandez aren’t the first two creators that come to mind when considering who’d make great comics for preteen/young teen girls. But this actually happened. And from a mainstream publisher (DC Comics/Vertigo) no less. Then it disappeared into history until it was republished earlier this year.

And you should be glad it was. Like I said, it is ridiculous — for its mere existence — and for the story.

YEAH! is a rock band composed of three young women — spacey guitarist Krazy, sweet hippie drummer Honey and the tough and glamorous Woo-Woo. You want to read this already, I’m sure. But wait — YEAH!, despite being from New Jersey is the biggest band in outer space (it’s just too bad no one on earth has ever heard of them). The women’s ineptly manipulative manager Crusty often gets them into trouble by not revealing the whole truth and they face musical rivals (The Snobs, Miss Hellraiser) and slimy record executives.

This is a delightful amount of fun. Bagge’s writing has the right mix of breathlessness and sarcasm and the silliness he tosses out is playfully weird. The strong lines and retro cartoony fell of Hernandez’s art gives this book a perfect look. But do I really need to tell you Gilbert Hernandez is great? I find the way he draws aliens to be a particular joy.

Now, I know that it’s quite possible that this book doesn’t align as closely with your interests as it does mine (really, “girls in rock bands,” “comics” and “space” is nearly the entire list of stuff I like) so it’s a little hard for me to imagine who wouldn’t like it.

But yes, you’ll like YEAH!.

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