Review: Castle Waiting Volume II

Castle Waiting
Volume II

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The most amazing thing about Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting Volume II (Fantagraphics, 2010) is that nothing really happens.

And yet, it’s completely enthralling just the same.

The bulk of the action — if you can call it that — focuses on Jain moving into the Keep with her baby, Pindar, and visitors from Henry’s past showing up looking for help. But mostly, it’s just the characters interacting — they poke fun at each other, help each other out, chat, eat, explore and play games.

We do find out a bit more about Jain’s past, but there are no major revelations. I found myself not particularly caring about who the father of Jain’s baby is when it’s much more interesting to watch Jain trying to teach Simon to read. Or when Simon shares his secret of how he wins at nine pins with Chess. It’s the small moments that drive this book. Sister Peace’s teasing friendship with Chess is a delight, and Jain’s compassion toward the troubled doctor is sweet.

Medley’s art remains consistently gorgeous — both playful and meticulously. While this is firmly fantasy with its giants and dwarves and imps and all other manner of fantastic creatures, her characters look and feel so full of life they seem like real people (and that includes the ones with animal heads). I love lingering over her images and taking in the details in the folds of clothing or someone’s raised eyebrows.

I loved my time with these characters. It’s such a cliché to say “I didn’t want it to end!” but well, I kept flipping the last page over, unconvinced it was really the end.

2 thoughts on “Review: Castle Waiting Volume II”

  1. I liked about the first 2/3s of volume 1 of castle waiting. I think I prefer the portions where there’s somewhat of a plot progressing. The bearded nuns part was a bore to me. I do like the art very much and the premise of the book (which is probably why I also like Fables). I’ll probably check out volume 2.

  2. I do agree about the part of the first volume about the bearded nuns — it was a fun diversion but it didn’t have much to do with anything (and the comic is kind of rambling and plotless, so that’s kind of saying something). Volume II is better on that account.

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