SPX 2010: Where to eat

Last year’s guide is still a good one, with the best places within walking distance. Still, if you want to see what else is there, here’s a Google map with everything:

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(Just so you can judge distances a little bit better on the map above, the White Flint and the Twinbrook Metro stations are about 1.5 miles apart. It’s up to you about how you decide what’s within walking distance or not).

The area isn’t particularly pedestrian-friendly — Rockville Pike is a major road and a lot of what is around is strip malls. Just be careful if you’re walking.

Your nearest grocery stores are Harris Teeter and Giant, each less than a mile.

If you’re looking for an awesome selection of beer, friends recommend Gilly’s Craft Beer & Fine Wine. It’s within walking distance of Twinbrook. There is also a Trader Joe’s less than a half-mile from the Twinbrook stop, if you’re going that way.

DC also has a good selection of restaurants if you want to venture into the city (and I’ll have a few recommendations for that in tomorrow’s post) but do keep in mind you are pretty far out in the suburbs and so getting anywhere will probably take a little while.

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2 thoughts on “SPX 2010: Where to eat”

  1. I think this will be very helpful for visitors to the greater DC area! One thing I always found funny was that people who went to MoCCA or NYCC would think nothing of taking the train 5 or 6 stops (even changing trains!) to go to this or that neighborhood or restaurant, but absolutely froze up with the idea of getting on the Metro to go a couple of stops down to Bethesda proper or even (gasp!) DC itself, all on a single line. Hopefully people are over that by now…

  2. Of course, five stops in NYC can cover all of two miles — in the DC area, five stops can quite possibly cover 20 miles. Still, though, the Metro is so incredibly user-friendly (minus the fare structure, of course).

    It’s still helpful to know what’s in the area of the hotel because at first glance, it doesn’t look like there’s too much.

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