Comic-Con Day 1

OK, so yeah, we’re in Day 2, sure, but yesterday was a long one.

My flights were fine. Getting to where I was staying and to the con were likewise. My press pass was quickly acquired and then it was off to see the exhibit hall.

In some ways, it’s what I expected, but it’s still huge, of course. I probably wandered the floor several time and I still kept seeing new things.

I’m pretty sure people just get in lines to be in them. Look! Viz is giving out bags! Let’s get in line! There’s some random poster for a show that’s going to be canceled in two weeks! Let’s get in line! I don’t know what this line is for, but since other people are in it, let’s get in it!

Maybe that’s part of the experience. I don’t know. I like free stuff, too, of course, but I only need so many shopping bags. (I think I’m going to take my huge giveaway one to the grocery store with me. It would be hilarious.)

Then it was some expensive coffee (not good coffee — just expensive. People weren’t kidding about the convention center prices. I also noticed there didn’t seem to be any drinking fountains and the water in the bathrooms ran hot, making filling water bottles nearly impossible) and a couple of panels, which I’ll write up later.

By the way, you’re in a nearly empty room for a panel. Everyone’s pretty spread out. Where would you sit? Somewhere where you’re not blocking someone else’s sight (since, you know, you have plenty of choices) or directly in front of someone? Guess what two people at one panel picked? Guess who got up to go sit somewhere else?

Then it was drinking and food with the creators of Kill Shakespeare, who are totally awesome. They weren’t really amused when I burst into laughter when it was mentioned that they had the whole Alpha Flight team one Halloween (I was laughing out of love. I was impressed). You should read their comic (Bully wanted me to tell them that he likes their comic. As you should too).

Then bed. And now, today, it’s finding some cheaper coffee and more panels (I’m excited for the Moto Hagio one) and whatever else.

At the end of yesterday, I was kind of exhausted at the thought that there was still three more days of this. But after a night of sleep, I’m feeling OK. We’ll see what today brings, though.

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