Review: Team Girl Comic Vol. 1

Team Girl Comic Vol. 1 delights me entirely. Showcasing the talents of a collective of young women from the UK who range in age from early teens to mid-20s, it’s a playful, charming anthology.

Now, yeah, this kind of thing is made for me, more or less. I love women — especially younger ones — making comics. Even with the stories that weren’t quite for me, I find it hard to criticize anything here.

So, really, I’m not going to.

Certainly, I liked some things better than others — Gill Hatcher’s “Jesty Pesty” comics, about an awkward teenage girl, were funny and all too easy to relate to. Heather Middleton’s beautifully drawn “Decision, Or How to Make Mooli Paratha” gets to the heart of generational conflict quietly and simply.

But even the younger members of the collective show an impressive command of the comics form. While Jessica Hatcher’s comics about Twilight obsession aren’t really for me, they still exhibit a smart understanding of layout and storytelling.

Along with other contributors Emma McLuckie, Iona Mowat and Katie Pope, Team Girl Comic Vol. 1 makes me excited for volume 2.

Read more about Team Girl Comic and find out how to order (it’s currently available at various locations in the UK).

PDF review copy provided by Gill Hatcher.

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