One of those annoying “I’m not dead” posts

I am nearly settled in to my new place (yes, it’s taken a while) and my poor netbook being out of commission has meant I haven’t had as much time or opportunity to write (I just need a new battery and power adapter, though, so it’s a cheap fix. Well, cheaper than buying a new one, anyway).

I wrote these two posts for Geek Girl on the Street:

No, they’re not anything you don’t know, but they were fun to do. I did notice that as I started to round stuff up how much stuff there was to round up (and yes, as I reported on Twitter, I realized I forgot The Losers).

In any case, I’ll be back to my (ir)regular posting schedule soon enough.

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  1. Mike Rhode says:

    Glad to here. There’s a comics event on June 26th, downtown, and I can’t find your email, but check out ComicsDC for it.

  2. comicsgirl says:

    Typos happen to the best of us.

    My e-mail address is on this page for future reference. I will definitely try to make it (as in, I really have no reason right now why I wouldn’t).

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