Where did this week go?

I really don’t know where last week went, honestly — I certainly wasn’t doing anything important. And even though it’s only Monday, I’m guessing this week will be the same. In lieu of a review or some other sort of proper entry, here’s just a roundup of things.

  • Guess who’s going to San Diego for Comic-Con? That’s right — me. I will be there covering it for Geek Girl on the Street and I’m very excited. And well, perhaps a little overwhelmed. Or at least, I will be. And since I’ve already purchased my plane tickets, there’s no backing out now. (I’m flying out of Richmond, because even after paying for gas, it’s cheaper and I don’t have to worry so much about how I’d get home from BWI at 6 a.m. Monday morning since I have a very wonderful mother to pick me up in Richmond.)
  • I didn’t know there was a Tamara Drewe movie coming out until today. I enjoy when movies get made of non-superhero comics (and about that, I clearly agree with TOON Books that we should just call them “comics.” I do, generally) and I’ll be seeing this one once it wanders over here.
  • I did not go to the Trickster signing. Because I’m dumb. And moving. But the book looks absolutely wonderful and it’s on my list to purchase as things settle down a bit.
  • And here’s a cool interview with Dave Roman about The Last Airbender: Zuko’s Story, out tomorrow. Some of us are much more excited about this than the movie itself (which I don’t think I’ll be seeing). And I’ll leave off with this quote from Roman (because it’s relevant to something mentioned above):

    I think that at the end of the day, it’s all comics. I think that comics as a whole always have name issues. There are people who love the phrase “comics” and there are people who hate the phrase “graphic novels.” And in the same way, there are people who hate “American Manga” as a term. There have always been always been so many names for these things, and no one is ever completely happy with them — but a lot of times the label is just to help sell books.

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  1. I’m super-psyched about that TAMARA DREWE movie. What a great book. Posy Simmonds is brilliant, Stephen Frears is a great director, and Gemma Arterton is………well, Gemma Arterton.

  2. That’s fantastic about San Diego. I hope you have a fantastic time with that. It will be nice to read your take on it.

    My best friend went to the signing and got me a copy of Trickster and what I have read so far has been really good. I am suffering writers block these days, but I need to read it and post as soon as I can. Just based on flipping through it and reading a handful of stories so far, it seems pretty worth picking up to me.

    I’m kind of poor these days, and no-one but my wife wants to send me anywhere, so SPX will probably be my sole con experience again this year.

  3. San Diego should be fun. But this will basically be my big trip of the year. I have no money now. ^_^

  4. I don’t know how news of it slipped by me until yesterday. The reviews have been good and I agree about Stephen Frears and Gemma Arterton.

  5. Rob, you should drive up to the Baltimore Comic-Con! It’s a significantly different show than SPX, for sure, but it’s a nice step between SPX (small, small-press) and San Diego (ginormous might not be a big enough word, all-press). Guests range from historically significant to up-and-coming and span pretty much any genre.

    Assuming you’re in the DC area based on your comment about hitting Big Planet for the Trickster signing, it’s only about 50-60 miles of highway driving and, while prices have not been published yet, historically it is $15 for one day or $25 for two, so pretty darn inexpensive! I’m biased, as I’m a staff member, but I go to the show every year as an attendee (and work the rest of the year — and a LITTLE bit on the weekend of ;-) ). It’s a really fun show to attend and you don’t have to drop bundles of cash to do so.

  6. I will second the Baltimore Comic-Con. I always point to it as one of the few comic cons that’s a good size that’s still very much about comics.

  7. I may try to go to Baltimore this year. I am kind of Baltimore-phobic, but it looks like a great lineup, and I may be able to get in for free, so transportation /parking would be my main cost. That is definitely on my ‘we’ll see’ list now.

  8. Parking generally runs about $15 for the day (may have gone up, though — I think that’s what we paid last time when we drove). But the convention center is accessibly by mass transit, but that could get pricey if it’s more than just you going.

    Baltimore is fun. Don’t be scared of Baltimore.

  9. Rob, just bum a ride with someone. I did that the first year I went actually. Maybe the second too (I’ve been all 10 years). If you can’t find someone on this particular thread to ride with, just ask around at your local comic shop. Between the store potentially exhibiting (depending on which shop it is), employees going up to help out or network or just geek out, and customers, I’m sure someone would be willing to give you a lift!

  10. Yay, SDCCI!!!

    You’re going to a.) love it, b.) have a ton of amazing fun, c.) be utterly exhausted when you go home…

    I say this based on experience. We need to chat @ who you/what you want to cover going into this.


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