Vault of Midnight

Over Christmas, I went to visit my brother in Michigan, so we of course stopped in at Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor. (The store’s Facebook page is more up-to-date than the site.) I’ve mentioned Vault of Midnight previously here, but it’s worth its own post.

It reminds me a lot of a toy store with its bright interior and colorful art. Yes, they do sell quite a number of toys (usually of the vinyl/collector type, but they do have Uglydolls and such) and games (role and board), but comics are the star here.

I’d say that Vault of Midnight runs more mainstream than a lot of other comic book stores I frequent — most of the indie stuff occupies two small shelves downstairs — but they do have an impressive selection of comics and art books. The open and airy layout leads to a comfortable environment for browsing. I saw a few things I didn’t see elsewhere.

While we were there, I’d say that there were more women/girls than men/boys in the store for a bit (the store’s proximity to University of Michigan probably helps on that account) and I thought that was pretty great. The staff was friendly and attentive.

Ann Arbor may not be on your list of places to go, but if you’re nearby, check out Vault of Midnight. It’s a store I’d like to have closer.

2 thoughts on “Vault of Midnight”

  1. Yeah, that’s probably the best shop in that town, or has the rep of being so. Brian (also of Beer and Comics) would know more. He works for UofM.

    I’m out in Lansing, and my shop gets a bad rap from some people I know, but I love the staff, who always takes care of the customer (not just regulars like me), their selection is obviously good when it comes to the mainstream stuff, and a decent indie selection, especially the few local creators we have.

    Good gaming crowd, if that’s your thing too (its not mine, but hey, to each his own).

  2. My knowledge of Michigan is mostly limited to the Ann Arbor area, with a few side trips nearby. I’m only in the state about once a year or so. Vault of Midnight is the only MI comic book store I’ve been to.

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