I’ve been watching Lost

Do you realize how crazy the short title sequence makes you when you see it a bunch of times in a row? If an orchestra tuning up — which is basically what the “theme” sounds like — can get stuck in your head, then this has.

(I’ve never really watched Lost before, which is because I have an awesome tendency to start watching shows right before they end. I blame Netflix’s “watch now” feature for this. I will likely be caught up for the new season, if I can manage to see all of Season 5 before then.)

I am delighted to see all sorts of comic book people in the credits, beyond J.J. Abrams (who is more just a fan/sympathizer at this point). Maybe that’s a post for another time, though. Something about how TV and comics are very much related, at least more so than movies (I think comic books and theater are more related, but well, that’s completely a post for another time).

Basically, this is saying if you don’t hear from me for a while, you know what I’m doing. I’m keeping a Lost diary at my LiveJournal, if you’re interested.

1 thought on “I’ve been watching Lost

  1. The Torchwood pre-teaser theme, which lasts about two seconds, is a similar mindworm. I like to hum it every time I see an alien. Which, in Manhattan, is about every ten minutes.

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