Things I’m excited about

I really did not intend to not write anything for a couple of weeks (but you knew I wasn’t dead since I managed to use Twitter). Things have been busy. Which is a likely story.

And things are about to get busier. It will be a fun fall. Here are the things I’m excited about.

  • Beasts of Burden by Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin. I’ve loved the shorts in the various Dark Horse Book of … anthologies, and really, I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.

    I really wish I could get up to Bergen Street Comics this weekend for the launch party, but I still think it’s really cool.

  • Small Press Expo. My love for SPX is well-known, but it’s one of my favorite events of the year. I am volunteering again (I think at this point, I’m not allowed to not volunteer) and I’ll be around all weekend. I will have Comicsgirl buttons which I will be more than happy to pass out to anyone who wants one (and probably, people who don’t). I’ll have more SPX stuff next week.
  • Baltimore Comic-Con. I’m still deciding on my travel plans, but it’s probably unlikely I’ll be staying for the Harvey Awards. Still, Baltimore is a cozy con — it’s not so big to be overwhelming and is genuinely focused on comics.
  • I’d probably be excited about Alternative Press Expo if I had gotten it together to go. I mean, I guess anything can happen, but I don’t think I’m going to find an abundance of money lying around for a plane ticket any time soon.
  • Not so much comics, but Crafty Bastards on Oct. 3 is always enjoyable. There’s also the National Book Festival on Sept. 26 (which overlaps with SPX). There are a few writers who may be of interest to comic book fans. But you should be going to SPX.
  • There are a few other things I’m working on and we’ll see what comes of them. But I’m definitely looking forward to all of this. Fun will be had.

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