So some sort of comic book con just happened?

Around the time San Diego Comic-Con was gearing up some annoying life things started to take hold so I wasn’t really following the news all that closely. But here’s the most random roundup ever.

New Bone is always awesome. Annoying sexist contests are not (thanks, Electronic Arts for not wanting my money. I don’t have a lot of it so it’s always nice when someone tells me “Yeah, don’t spend it with us”).

I am pro TRON Legacy (I am, of course, pro-Moebius, pro-Syd Mead and very much pro-Daft Punk).

I know Comic-Con hasn’t been completely about comics for a while now, but really, why was Glee there? That’s not even a genre show.

Nothing else really excited me, but like I said, I really didn’t follow any of the news all that closely. Give it a couple of days to sink in and maybe I’ll realize all the awesome things that happened.

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