Off to MoCCA Fest!

Unlike last year where I spent less than 24 hours in New York total (and about 30 hours total for the entire trip), this year, I’m doing it right.

My train leaves tomorrow at about 3:30, putting me in New York around 6:40 (probably more like 7, but let’s just hope everything is on time), just in time for Drink & Draw Like A Lady at Madame X. That’s the plan anyway.

Saturday, I’ll have all day for MoCCA and possibly KRAZY!, which despite my promises, I haven’t managed to get to. (My trip to MoCCA always seems to coincide with some Japanese awesomeness — last year, we did the Takashi Murakami exhibit.)

Then I depart on Sunday, but I won’t be in a rush, which is nice.

It looks like a great year for MoCCA Fest — the new venue promises to be “bigger and better” and all of that, but I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of people who will be there. I may even try to get to some of the programming this year since I won’t be in such a weird caffeinated rush. It also seems like it will be a nice weekend in New York, unlike last year where it was entirely too hot.

I will probably be Twittering — those will show up on the sidebar (you can always follow me, of course) and I will be bringing my netbook so there will probably be a Saturday night update (possibly a Friday update, but we’ll see).

This should be fun. But after this, that’s it for a while (I probably, sadly, won’t have it in me to go hang out with Timothy Lantz at Wizard World Philly, but he could try to talk me into it).

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