Free stuff!

Like many households and companies, I have recently downsized. I am perfectly OK with this — it was, more or less, our choice to do so.

But in the process, I’ve discovered how much stuff I have. Things that have an obvious value are going to go on eBay. Things that don’t are going to Goodwill or whatever.

There are things that are in between, however — things that wouldn’t really sell on eBay but wouldn’t end up in the hands of someone who would appreciate them at Goodwill.

So here’s where the free stuff comes in. Be one of the first 10 people to e-mail me before Friday until I run out of stuff with your address (include whatever other information you’d like) and I’ll send you some comic-related goodies — perhaps a random issues of some Marvel Comics title from eight years ago, perhaps some mini-comics, perhaps something else. I just want some of these things to end up with people who might appreciate them.

(And I’ve just set 10 as an arbitrary number — I really haven’t figured out how much stuff I have I want to give away. I know I have enough for at least 10 people, but basically, just e-mail me and I’ll do my best to give you something.)

This is honestly something of an experiment, but I think it’s going to be a fun one.

Please note: I will not keep your address (snail or e-mail) or use it for any other purpose than this.

(You may have noticed I’m Twittering more now. Feel free to add me and I’ll probably add you back. I haven’t had too much time for proper blog posts lately so Twitter is a good way to share a few random thoughts in the meantime.)

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