Shojo Beat to end in June

Anime News Network has the sad news that Viz’s Shojo Beat‘s last issue will be on newsstands next month. It wasn’t a magazine I read or bought regularly, but I still liked it and I’ll be sorry to see it go. I think it filled a gap that needed to be filled. I know I’d be crazy about if I was currently 14 or so.

I know that print media has faced plenty of tough times lately (of course, most industries have) and so I can’t blame Viz for doing this. It was a pricey magazine on the newsstands, after all, and it really did not run very many ads. (You could say that yes, it was basically an ad for Viz itself, but you understand my point.)

The Shojo Beat line of manga will continue, so not all hope is lost. Still, the magazine will be missed.

Original tip from The Beat

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