Firestar concept art for Marvel Divas

Tom Brevoort posted Tonci Zonjic’s concept sketch from Marvel Divas (called “Marvel Vixens” here — your call which is better). And I think after Joe Q.’s comments last week, this was a good move.

(And why, yes, I’d love to say I totally knew what I was doing when I picked the image for my Marvel Divas post, but I didn’t. I just got really lucky. I do, however, think that’s awesome that the very image I was attracted to was a concept for the book.)

I am kind of glad to see that this image is changing some people’s minds about the book, but I do fear it may be too little, too late. I do think Zonjic’s work will make the book something distinctive and fun, but I do think that promo cover will continue to stick in people’s minds.

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