Ervin Anderson needs to leave the house more

He still makes a couple of good points, but seriously? “The essential comic book geek’s guide to women and dating and sharing the love”?

He covered all the comics that always get recommended to women. Really, spend about two minutes and you can make the list yourself (although it was kind of cool to see Ross Campbell’s Wet Moon in there. And while I like that comic quite a bit, I honestly think my boyfriend likes it more than I do). And no superhero stuff other than Watchmen? There are many superhero comics I’d recommend to the generic woman in this scenario first before Watchmen.

If an individual woman doesn’t care about comics, that’s cool. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Some people love film the most, some people love music. Some love theater. Sure, people can love all three, but we all have our favorites and that’s what makes us unique.

And I guess that’s the problem with these sorts of lists. Yes, maybe I would recommend The Sandman or Blue Monday to women, but only on a case-by-case basis. These sorts of articles — “how to get girls to like comics” — don’t really take into account that women are individual people. My mom read Nick Abadzis’ Laika and loved it, but I don’t think that necessarily means she’s going to love Charles Burns’ Black Hole. A woman I’d recommend Jessica Abel’s La Perdida may not be the same woman I’d recommend Ai Yazawa’s NANA to.

Also, why is it so important for all these hypothetical girlfriends to like comics? Yes, I understand sharing interests and hobbies with one’s significant other, but what if the hypothetical girlfriend really loved jazz or New Wave French films or something? Are the comic-book loving men that write these sorts of pieces interested in sharing those interests? Or is it just all about getting the girls to accept comic books?

Nana O., played by Mika Nakashima, and Ren, played by Ryuhei Matsuda, from NANA live-action movie, released by VIZ Media in the U.S. Seemed appropriate to me.

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  1. Zap! POW!! Comics aren’t just for kids (or smelly boys) anymore…

    This was obviously a light piece, and really there is no great harm in it or anything… it does perpetuate a stereotype, and maybe a myth that I think can lead guys to the wrong conclusion, and maybe deep depression or something.

    In the long run, when all is said and done… it really isn’t your comics keeping you from getting a date.

    There are plenty of guys that don’t like comics. There are plenty of guys that don’t like lots of things, including girls.

    If the sole basis of your relationship is comics, then you will probably, eventually find that you should base relationships on more than a single interest.

    I think honesty and sincerity are more important than bonding over your obsession… In fact… There is a camp that would argue that you are better off if you each have your own thing that is just yours.

    Go ahead, show the person you like what you read, tell them about it, but not so much that their ears bleed. if they want to know more… Invite them to read, but don’t expect or require them to. If they love comics as much as you do, then huzzah! if they don’t, but don’t hold it against you or think you are an idiot… Then don’t hold it against them either. *Secret from almost 20 years of marriage*… There are a lot of other things in life and in marriage that matter WAY more than comics in regard to your happiness together.

    I would also not presume that you could ever really say… All the ladies like X comic. I think it doesn’t ever hurt when inroducing a non-comics reader to comics to let them see a variety of what you consider the best written, most enjoyable examples that you yourself have enjoyed. If you go with something you like, then you will best be able to communicate about it. If they hate what you like, but are still interested in comics, I would base the next suggestions on other interests, or novels they have liked. When it all comes down to it… Maybe they will like Archies and hate Sandman… Maybe Youngblood speaks to their soul in ways that Strangers in Paradise never could. It takes all types.

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