Comic adaption of Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice #1

I didn’t know about this before today, when a story about it came up in one of my searches. Newsarama has all the details, but please ignore all the “I may actually get my girlfriend to read a comic!” comments.

I like the general concept, although it’s really nothing new (Classics Illustrated were around from the 1940s) and I like that they let Nancy Butler — an accomplished Regency romance writer — handle the story.

I just wish the art on the inside wasn’t so poorly suited to the story. Hugo Petrus looks like he’s drawing a superhero title rather than women in beautiful Regency dresses and I dislike Marvel’s coloring style (why can’t anything be a solid color? Why does everything need to be shaded?). I love Sonny Liew’s art for the cover — that’s a comic I want to read. The inside stuff — not so much.

I wish Marvel understood what would actually appeal to women. Making a Jane Austen comic — while notable and pretty cool — isn’t enough if they won’t follow through all the way.

Still, I may try to pick this up once it’s collected and give it a chance.

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