Dark Horizons on Watchmen

Garth Franklin reviews it here. This is one of the most thoughtful and even-handed reviews of the movie I’ve read so far.

I am not going to be running out to see Watchmen. I enjoyed seeing the trailer and I think it’s kind of cool it got made, but I just can’t find the energy to care about it right now. And anyway, I think I pretty much spent my movie-going budget for the year seeing Coraline twice.

I really liked this from Franklin’s review:

More admirable than engaging, this is a dense work filled with so many layers both historical and intellectual that its deeper meanings are almost impossible to truly capture on a single viewing (making reviewing it under such conditions a daunting prospect). Yet like its most colorful character Rorschach, the no compromise mentality which fuses comic book pulp with existential overtones will ostracize it from reaching beyond a limited but hardcore set who will exalt it as the new standard.

Because that’s basically how I feel about Alan Moore’s work overall. So at least the movie is faithful in that respect.

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