Two more quick links

Paste magazine has has a little feature on the many versions of Coraline. It’s just an overview that discusses the movie, P. Craig Russell’s graphic novel version and the upcoming musical.

(I am planning my own Coraline piece but the rate I’m going, it will be done by the time no one really cares about any of it anymore.)

Scott McCloud has relaunched his website. There are some comics here I remember reading after paying through the short-lived micropayment system BitPass. (For all I know, they may have been free for a while.) Everyone adores McCloud and this does remind me I never wrote about Zot!

There is also a lot of Watchmen news out there and talk of the Spider-Man musical. But I figure if you care, you can find those things yourselves. I just can’t muster much enthusiasm for either one.

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