NYCC: Midday Saturday

I got into town at about noon and then there was lunch so I probably made it into the convention at about 1:15 or so. We basically just got done making the first round through the show. It went on forever and ever.

It’s huge. I didn’t really expect it to be this huge. And packed. I think we were probably in there at the peak of the crowd (I read yesterday that Saturday sold out and I think weekend passes have also sold out). The crowd is surprisingly diverse — not a lot of little kids with families, but a good mix of genders. I think that’s really neat to see.

I know that these cons have kind of moved away from just comics — there are a lot of video game booths here, and media companies, but I’m OK with that. I think there’s something to be said for the idea of “comic book culture” as a whole. There’s kind of something for everyone here.

I’ve only bought two things so far (other than a cup of coffee — caffeine is fuel) — an Aranzi Aronzo mug and a Gama-Go T-shirt. Neither of which I needed but hey, that’s what this is for, isn’t it?

I think tomorrow is going to be mostly panels, but I’m not really sure yet. I’m a little overwhelmed at this point, but in a good way. Which is why I’m currently taking a break to blog.

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