D.E.B.S. may come to comics

/Film reports that Angela Robinson is looking into continuing D.E.B.S. in comic-book form.

I’m not exactly sure if I made it through the entirety of D.E.B.S., which is kind of sad, because a movie based around the concept of “lesbians spies in school girl outfits” should be a winner. It’s not a terrible movie but I think the ideas are more fun than the execution of them. I’m going to guess the short-film version of it is better.

But I think it would actually work well as a comic series. The inherent campiness of the plot would work well in the medium and I think some of the problems with the movie (uneven performances, for instance) won’t be present in the series. I’d like to see this happen — I can just imagine the fun manga-inspired art that this title would have.

(The all-knowing Wikipedia informs me that director Angela Robinson drew D.E.B.S. comics while in college, which doesn’t surprise me. It just seems like a natural fit.)

The /film article also mentions a possible Veronica Mars comic series. I really like this medium-jumping. I think comics and TV series have a lot in common — they’re both serial and can tell larger, longer stories, but also need to be entertaining on their own.

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