Jewelry for superheroines

One of my favorite presents* this year are the earrings pictured, named “Fizz,” by jewelry designer Karin Jacobson. And if you couldn’t tell from the “” domain name, she says she’s inspired by “science fiction, comic books, mechanical toys and Japanese animation.”

These earrings make me feel like a superheroine. I want to design my whole wardrobe around them now. They’re that awesome.

I also have this ring and I wear it every day. It also makes me feel like a superheroine. I sometimes like to imagine it shoots laser beams at my enemies (sadly, it has yet to do so, but I do keep hoping).

Her catalog was even done as a comic, which is really one of the coolest things ever.

I love that there’s a jewelry designer out there so closely reflecting my sensibilities (you know, rather than jewelry that makes me feel much like this segment of Current TV’s “Target: Women”). If I had more money, I’d buy so much more of Jacobson’s stuff. But in any case, I do get excited just looking at it.

*Please note that I love all my presents equally. I would easily say they’re all my favorites. But you get my point.

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