Links for teenage girls of a certain sensibilities

Larry Carroll of MTV’s Splash Page wants to know what Twilight tales you want to see in comics. Now, the obvious answer is “none” for many of us, but he makes a good point — why haven’t these been turned into graphic novels yet? They helpfully link to this related story.

Nevermind I was saying all of this months ago. I know comics aimed at teenage girls fail on a regular basis, but Twilight has a built-in audience. I’m sure plenty of its fans would brave the scary comic book stores for them. Or even the “graphic novel” section of their local book store, for that matter (although some intelligent book store managers have created a small section of “teen” comics in the Young Adult section. My Barnes & Noble has one). If Twilight won’t get girls reading comics, I don’t think anything else will.

And while I think I’ve pretty much said everything I’ve ever needed to say about The Sandman, Neil Gaiman still has every right to talk about it, which he does to the LA Time’s Hero Complex blog (parts two and three). He has some good things to say about the past and the future.

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