SPX: Very crowded

It’s impressively crowded. Who knew this many people cared this much about comics?

I think it’s great, though, although it does make it a little harder to see everything. I have, though, managed to spend most of my money already.

Something I’ve noticed is that there seems to be a lot more fantasy-oriented comics here this year. The indie comics scene has been dominated by a lot of autobiographical stuff for a long time, and certainly, that’s still present, but I’m glad to see people branching out with the sorts of stories they’re telling.

I will be glad when the crowd thins out a little. We’re probably at the peak of the crowd for today.

1 thought on “SPX: Very crowded”

  1. I was there from not long after it started I think, until not long after the Brian Lee O’Malley session. It was so congested at that point you could hardly move. It was pretty impressive. This was my first time going, and it was fantastic. It really is great to see such an enthusiastic crowd. I also think that the bulk of the exhibitors there(unlike a lot of self published folks at mainstream comics shows) were a bit more comfortable and outgoing… easier to engage and chat with as a rule.

    I think it would be very cool to volunteer next year if possible. I imagine that it would be fun, as you have described.

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