The lack of superheroine movies

There is some interesting discussion of The American Prospect’s “The Invisible Woman” piece about the lack of superherione movies at Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch blog.

I kind of sort of liked Elektra, but then, I’ll pretty much watch anything with Jennifer Garner (And I suppose that if she’s in the U.S. version of Be with You, that’s not quite the kind of comic book movie people are talking about, although I guess it was a movie first anyway).

NPR discussed the “Bechdel Rule” a couple of weeks ago, and I think that’s a lot of why we don’t see movies about superheroines. We don’t see many movies about women, period.

I’m basically neutral on this. Yes, I’d love to see awesome women onscreen. But I don’t want to see superheroine movies that aren’t particularly good. I think there’s plenty of room for an awesome action heroine who is in a good movie. I think both men and women would gladly go for that.

It’s a discussion worth having. For now, I’m happy to know that TV has such things as The Middleman. If we can’t get the movies, we can at least get TV shows.

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