Mini-review: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko is a career guide in manga form. Written by Daniel Pink with art by Rob Ten Pas, it follows Johnny, who is unhappy in his job, as he is visited by the mysterious Diana, who appears any time he pulls apart a set of magical chopsticks to give him career advice.

Yes, the whole set-up is pretty silly, but the advice is great. I especially like the first lesson of “There is no plan.” It’s a quick read and quite a bit of fun. There is a lot more related content on the website.

I like the idea of this — career advice aimed at a younger audience in a format they’re comfortable with, but without it feeling condescending. I certainly connected with it.

(Yes, it’s been out since April. And yes, I read about this in the Post article. I’m just a little behind.)

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