AV Club: “Better Late Than Never: Watchmen”

Writer Nathan Rabin finally gets around to reading Watchmen. It’s more of a summary sprinkle with a few critiques (here’s a hint: He likes it).

I did read Watchmen much later than I should’ve (I mean, it’s been years and years and years now, but there was a period of time where I’d have to shamefully admit I hadn’t read it). To me, it doesn’t matter if you like or dislike it (although I think there would be a rare person who’d say they hated it). If you like comics, Watchmen is just something you read.

I should probably reread it here soon. I’m curious as to what I think of it now.

(The original issues — as in, the floppies — seem to be going for ridiculous amounts on eBay. I may not have a whole set, but I think I have pretty close to it. I should see where they went to and what kind of shape they’re in.)

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