Superhero TV memories

Last night at a bar, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield starring David Hasselhoff came up in conversation, because these are the sorts of things we talk about in bars.

I’ve been reading comics long enough to remember the version of The Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren and the Captain America starring no one who’s particularly notable to me. Not that I really sat through these — I just remember they’re out there, despite Marvel’s best attempts to erase everyone’s memory of them.

But oddly, while Hasselhoff-as-Nick-Fury was being discussed, I suddenly remember that Fox made a Generation X movie from 1996.

I liked the Generation X comic quite a bit. Yes, it had a stupid title, but it had a bunch of characters I liked. It had Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo as the creative team. It’s a title I would love to see collected in full.

But the Generation X movie? It was bad. It didn’t need to be as bad as it was, even with the budget it had.

For those of you who didn’t watch it (which was basically everyone), here’s a clip:

Yeah. I actually don’t know if I managed to get through the whole thing when it first aired. And I really wanted to like it. I would’ve watched the series. You know, if it hadn’t been so terrible.

Which also brings me to the Birds of Prey series. We’ll go with the official clip from Warner Bros.:

I know I taped the first few episodes of Birds of Prey, but we didn’t have the WB at the time. Instead, our NBC affiliate would show the WB programs really late on Sundays or Saturdays or … basically whenever they felt like it. If some sort of sporting event ran late or they needed more time for infomercials, oh well. So keeping track of Birds of Prey was next to impossible.

I do remember wishing it was a little bit better than it was. But I still kind of liked it. So I was pretty delighted to see it’s newly out on DVD, and the Gotham Girls Flash-animated shorts are included (and I’m surprised and delighted to see they’re still online). I will probably buy this set.

I imagine there is more superhero TV that has long been forgotten about. I had fun looking up both of these on YouTube (and learning Generation X didn’t get better with age).

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