Because apparently we need one?

Esteban I.V. Galindo of The Capistrano Dispatch offers A Ladies’ Guide to Comic Book Heroes. And for proclaiming to be a guide, it’s really not that informative. I think most “ladies” would be able to figure these things out on their own.

So Galindo’s wife isn’t interested in superhero movies or the comic books they were based on. There is nothing wrong with that. But she’s not representative of all women. Neither am I. I think that’s the ultimate flaw with pieces like this — just because one man knows one woman who may be more interested in Sex in the City than she is in comics doesn’t mean that all women are. I certainly don’t think all men like comic books or football.

While I did feel myself getting more and more stupid watching G4’s coverage of San Diego Comic-Con (and the commercials! How many do they really need?), I was delighted by Blair Butler. Sure, she’s a lovely girl and it’s obvious that she appeals to G4’s target demographic, but her excitement and enthusiasm for being there, getting to talk about comics was unmistakable. I doubt she needs a “ladies’ guide to comic book heroes” either.

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  1. I agree. Mr. Galindo is actually a pretentious psudointellectual who tends to generalize a group based on one person.

    But I’m not here to attack Mr. Galindo’s character.

    I knew a young woman who loves comic book movies, (except for Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight.) but she also enjoys films like City of Angels. (not Crow city of Angels.)

    And then there’s my mother, who loves movies like “Message in a Bottle” and “the Notebook,” but also loved ‘Spider Man 1 and 2″, “Superman the movie”, and “Iron Man.” Her exposure to comic books, reading her brother’s collection of Marvel comics when they were kids.

    I think what Mr. Galindo is guilty of is supporting a stereotype of women who find action and comic based movies to be pointless, and who only appreciate movies about women, like the ones in “Sex in the City.”

    Like you said, his wife does not speak for all women.

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