Two quick bits

The Beat reports that About Comics is publishing a collection of Gail Simone’s You’ll All Be Sorry, which we all read on Comic Book Resources many many years ago. (It wasn’t that many, but this is Internet time.)

I remember the day when we all found out that the Gail who wrote YABS was also the Gail who did Women in Refrigerators. I think some were shocked and confused, but I personally was delighted by it.

Lots of people have been linking to Changing the Female Face of Comics, an interview Hudson Phillips did with Rebekah Isaacs, Amy Reeder Hadley, Johanna Draper Carlson, Angela Paman and Julia Wertz. It’s definitely worth reading (although the all-caps questions and tiny text size on the site make it slightly difficult. It got easier once I increased the text size in my browser).

I’m always happy to see more female creators and more female voices in comics (even just as fans), but I’m also surprised at how slow the industry has been to change. I doubt women will ever like comics in huge numbers, but we’re at a pretty good point. We may still have a ways to go but I do think we’re getting somewhere.

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