Elfquest free online

Warp is releasing all of Elfquest online for your reading pleasure throughout the year. Currently, the first five issues of the original quest are up, along with a few other issues. More will be added every Friday until it’s all there.

It’s not the best way to read it — the format is a little clunky and pages don’t fit nicely on the screen, but the scans are crisp and sharp.

Since DC Comics has given up the property and it’s quickly going out of print, this may soon be the only way to read it. I think that’s a shame since I still think it’s a great, well-written adventure and while Wendy Pini’s art does look a little dated at this point, it remains fluid and fun. It’s a rare thing that something you loved at 12-years-old still manages to speak to you as an adult. I know plenty of people make fun of Elfquest, but I think the Pinis were ahead of their time. It holds up.

Since I’ve had trouble finding copies of the original collections (the Father Tree Press editions), I look forward to this.

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