Comic book movie news you’ve already read

Why, yes, I’m behind on things. Like usual.

Warner Brothers to adapt Jeff Smith’s Bone. And that’s very cool. As all the articles on this have reported, Nickelodeon Movies was developing it for a while, but Smith disapproved of the direction it was going in. This was, of course, pre-Avatar: The Last Airbender (Wikipedia link because the official site is a bunch of annoying Flash) so I imagine things might be different now.

(Another article says Bone is “described as Bugs Bunny meets ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ ” which makes me sad because I thought I made that up. I think I actually searched for it, although it’s possible I used “Looney Tunes meets ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Anyway, I knew it was an obvious statement, but a good one.)

And in “maybe I really shouldn’t have cut up those comics for craft projects” news, Brett Ratner wants to direct a Harbinger movie. Obviously, knowing Ratner’s track record and having read Harbinger (which honestly, wasn’t bad, but was better in concept), I don’t have high hopes for this. Nor do I really care. I just find it surprising that any comic property right now is fair game.

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