Heidi MacDonald on Dave Sim

But I do think people should examine their own feelings about the double standard. Gender issues aren’t like racial or religious prejudices. Everyone has a beef against someone of the opposite sex, whether a petty personal rejection or emotional torture or the loss of control in the throes of sexual desire or love. It can be easy to project these into universal statements of human nature. (After reading Sim’s comments on the Tart board, it would seem that most of his views come from his mother issues, but as I said, I don’t want to engage in psychoanalysis here.)

The rest is here. She makes some awesome points, including the one quoted above.

I haven’t read any of Cerebus or anything else by Sim, and I don’t think I’m going to any time soon, but that’s just my personal choice. If someone else wants to give Sim money for his art, that’s his or her personal choice. If people want to support or defend him in whatever way they want, then I have no complaints.

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