SPX: Minicomic review roundup

Possibly part one. In no particular order.

Ask Miss Anthropy – Shana Manion
This is a 24-hour comic? Seriously? This is amazing as a 24-hour comic and would still be good even if it wasn’t. The jokes are a little obvious but are still funny, and Manion’s comedic timing is delightful. I hope Shana Manion makes more comics.

Hey Pais: Journal Comics By a Cat, Issue #3 – Paisley the Cat
I have a sneaky suspicion this is actually drawn by Sara Bauer, but I’m not going to argue with a cat. Comics and cats are always an excellent combination and this is simple and cute. I’d take this over Garfield any day.

Full Sanction: Home Mechanomics – Joe Mochove, Rusty Rowley
Stupidly funny in the best possible way. Art isn’t much to speak of – just stick figures – but a robot using the Washington Monument as a sword fulfills a desire I didn’t even know I had.

Challenge of the Dincorns! – John Green
Not so much a comic, but a color sheet, button and stickers. Of dinosaurs with unicorn horns. Best $1 I ever spent.

Simple Routines #7, Adrift – JP Coovert
I never need to read another comic about someone trying to draw comics again. Simple Routines #7 does pick up about midway through, and as comics-as-journal-entries go, there’s a sweetness here. Coovert has a beautiful line. Adrift is lovely – a mostly wordless tale of being lost at sea with excitement, drama and redemption. Its probably my favorite of the minicomics I got at SPX.

Folded Paper Assembly #3 – James Hindle
The two stories here a little dark thematically – loosely concerned with justice and loss of innocence – but do have an understated poignancy about them. Hindle’s art is sketchy and intricate. He’ll be someone whose work I’ll look for in the future.

How to Be a Ninja, starring the Feral Chicken Players – Joe Komeda
I’m sure I’d like this better if I knew the characters and the world they belong to, but mostly I was left with a feeling of “huh?” at the end. I like the brushstroke-by-way-of-Sharpie look of it, though.

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