I’d probably hate Julia Wertz if she wasn’t so good

(“Hate” in this case being synonymous with “completely jealous of.”)

Autobiographical comics typically annoy me because they usually consist of a lot of uninteresting navel-gazing. I, however, love The Fart Party. Despite the somewhat off-putting title, it follows Julia Wertz’s adventures through love and life. She has a great self-deprecating sense of humor and her more poignant comics have a wistful sweetness about them. She’s someone I want to hang out with, except I’m pretty sure she’s much cooler than I am.

After years of self-publishing, the awesome Atomic Books is printing the collection of her comic. It’s currently available for pre-order and it’s a must-buy for me (although I may wait until Small Press Expo in October to get it so I can buy it from her and gush like an idiot).

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