Why did I buy that? and other thoughts

Last weekend, I spent a while cleaning out the closet in my room in my childhood home, which of course, meant I had to go through my comic books. Honestly, I really don’t have that large of a collection — a couple hundred at most — and it was fun to find a few things, like my Elquest collections and some of the comics I was actually sent for free way back when (like BoHoS, although I only found the second issue. I wonder what happened to Maggie Whorf).

But there’s other things that make me wonder what I was thinking when I bought them — such as most of the old Image Comics I had — I can understand buying one or two, but I followed some of these titles, like Wild C.A.T.s for much longer than I should’ve. Yes, I know I was pretty young at the time, but still, did I really have that much disposable income? Why can’t I have that much disposable income now?

I did like reading about the history of Valiant Comics, though, and it’s making me reconsider cutting some things up for craft projects …

(I also found a printout of the article I was interviewed for about the first incarnation of Comicsgirl when I was famous for about five seconds in Texas, but that really has nothing to do with anything.)