Novelists turn to comic books

No, really, I saw it first! (Even if The Beat did post it before me.) After all, a major portion of my day is spent reading random stories from the Associated Press.

It covers most of the basics — you have Jonathan Lethem, Stephen King, Michael Chabon — but Jodi Picoult is in there, too (but no Tamara Pierce). I’m sure there’s some people I’m missing (comments at The Beat mention Douglas Rushkoff, but he’s not so much a novelist as just a writer).

It’s interesting to me — I mean, I suppose there’s a case that could be made about the legitimacy of comic books blah blah blah — but I also think that writers like to get paid and being under some kind of contract for a monthly title is a way to do it. I like that the AP is covering this, though, because to me, you don’t get much more mainstream than AP.