Free Comic Book Day!

You know what? This is the first Free Comic Book Day I ever participated in. Why is that? Because, basically, I’ve been too lazy to go get free comics (and I think, although this could just be an excuse, that I was working on a couple of them).

I picked up Tokyopop’s Choose Your Weapon sampler, Owly, Amelia Rules! (I love Amelia Rules!. You should too), Legion of Super-heroes in the 31st Century (Chynna Clugston draws superheros!), Drawn and Quarterly’s Activity Book, the Keenspot collection, and Comic Festival (for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival).

Lest you think I’m just mooch and only went into the comic book store for free comics, I did buy Castle Waiting despite its price. I’d been wanting it for a while. And Korgi was bought for me.

This link is shameless stolen from The Beat, but Salon has a nice roundup of what’s available (you have to sit through part of an ad). Of course, the day’s almost over so this news comes kind of late. But maybe you can borrow some of these from your friends.