Stardust a sleeper?

Stardust leads the Associate Press’ rounup of summer “sleepers.” Not once did they refer to it as an adaptation of a graphic novel (nor even an adaptation of a novel, for that matter). It was kind of refreshing to see it in an article without all the Neil Gaiman/comic book/etc. baggage that’s attached to it (those aren’t bad things, necessarily, but you know what I mean).

In comic book shopping news, I tried to go to Big Planet in Georgetown on Saturday only to find that I was a half-hour too late (closed at 6). We decided to try Big Monkey around the corner, only to find it was gone.

I went an checked online to find it’s moved to 14th Street, between R & S streets (they’re open until 8 most days, which is almost enough to buy comics then head over to the Black Cat). I’m still a Big Planet fan, but I’m glad this store is still around in D.C.