Comics of 2006

None of which I’ve actually read, with a couple of exceptions … Publishers Weekly has a very good list.

Here’s the things I’ve read that actually came out this year (that I haven’t written about):

  • I bought La Perdida at the very awesome Isotope Comics in San Francisco because they didn’t have Castle Waiting (it was sold out). It was much denser than I expected and while I think “intense” implies excessive sex and violence, I think it’s a good word for it. I’m not sure how much I believed the dramatic turn of events in the last fourth of the book, but I liked where Jessica Abel took her story. Not that I really agree with such things, but I think La Perdida makes a good comic for people who don’t realize they like comics.
  • National Book Award nominee American Born Chinese is a quick read but a lot of fun. It’s funny, touching and insightful without ever getting too heavy-handed. The art has a fluid, animated style and I must point out Lark Pien‘s gorgeous colors (but I think Pien rules so I’m going mention her at any opportunity).
  • Today brought the first collection of Brian Ralph’s Daybreak, which has been serialized every Monday at the New Bodega blog. It’s much easier to read in book form and is probably the cutest story about the world being overrun by zombies that you’ll ever read. But then, I really like Brian Ralph.

    If I don’t check in between now and 2007, here’s to hoping the new year brings lots of great comics.