Sexual assault in comics

I’ve always found Women in Refrigerators to be an important site (new host — I’ve updated the links page on the site to it). The list may be out of date, but it’s still significant and heartbreaking. People always want to say “well, male comic book characters don’t fare that well either” but the sorts of things that happen to female comic book characters is always a little bit different.

Ragnell, one of the bloggers behind When Fangirls Attack, is compiling a list of sexual assaults against comic book characters. She’s handling the females characters and the other half of When Fangirls Attack, Kalinara, is handling the male characters.

These are the results so far:

  • Female
  • Male
  • I applaud this project and I think it will wake up some comic book fans (and maybe some creators).

    I love that these two women are discussing superhero comics sensibly and intelligently (moreso than I ever could).