Big Planet vs. Big Monkey

The Washington City Paper reports that Big Planet Comics is going after Big Monkey Comics due to name confusion (the link will go inactive after four weeks). I have this to say: Has it really been this long since I’ve been to Georgetown? I didn’t even realize Beyond Comics had changed hands.

I love Big Planet. I’ve been in all three stores and all three are nice, but I do particularly like the Georgetown one. It’s cozy and cute and packed with wonderful things. Big Planet’s focus isn’t on the toys/T-shirts/etc. side of comic books — it’s all about the comics (the other two have a bit more of those things because they’re bigger, but none are really packed with those things). It’s a great place to find new things.

I haven’t been in Big Monkey and while Beyond Comics was fine, they had less and was a bit more traditional of a comic book store. From Big Monkey’s website, it seems like it probably is, too.

I dislike that the article kind of implies that Big Planet is somehow inferior because it doesn’t feel like a traditional comic book store. That’s exactly what I like about it. All three feel like bookstores that just sell comics and graphic novels. I’m not really a fan of traditional comic book stores, though. The article says Big Monkey has “a section designed to appeal to women.” If you ask me, all of Big Planet appeals to women. It is the most comfortable comic book store I’ve ever been in. (Big Planet also has good-sized kid-friendly section.)

I think there’s room for both of them so I think the lawsuit is kind of silly. Big Planet and Beyond Comics co-existed for quite a while. I don’t see why it needs to be any different now. But Big Planet is still more likely to get my money.

Not that I really go into comic book stores any more due to laziness.