MirrorMask manga, among others

I know this is kind of turning into all manga, all the time, but until other comic book companies do something interesting, this is what I’m going to be writing about.

The press release isn’t up on the Tokyopop website yet, but read here for manga of MirrorMask, Labrynith and Dark Crystal.

All are still more than a year away. The MirrorMask one won’t be written by Neil Gaiman, just plotted, and right now, no artist has been named for it. No creative teams have been named for the others.

(I don’t really think these can truly be considered “manga” but rather manga-style, but the discussion of what I think manga and anime is and isn’t is for another time.)

I want to make some kind of snarky comments about Hot Topic shoppers here, but honestly, I think this is a good thing. People (namely, young women) who wouldn’t read comics (or manga) would be likely to pick these up just by association with the films and maybe that would get them reading other comics.

Yeah, that’s just a maybe. But I feel the same way about this as I feel about Dark Horse’s stationery sets and journals. Maybe women and girls aren’t going to ever be a huge market for traditional comics. But they are still a market and it’s great to see things aimed toward them.