It’s been out for a while, so I’m obviously a little behind on things, but Soft Skull Press, has a collection of comic stories by women called Scheherazade:
Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers and Monsters
, edited by Xeric Grant winner Megan Kelso (who has actually disowned the book, due to technical issues, although perhaps those have been fixed at this point. Her site was last updated in November 2004, Soft Skull has a release date of Feb. 2005 for the book).

Whether or not the book is unreadable or not (a review I’ve read made no mention of that), it makes me happy that there’s a growing (although still small) number of collections focusing on women comic creators. (Friends of Lulu is working on the next edition of Broad Appeal.)

As a side note that has nothing to do with the post overall, I missed Free Comic Book Day. I knew it was coming up, but I’ve been busy lately that it just slipped by me.