The last (maybe) Sin City post

While I am sick of reading about Sin City, that’s actually refreshing.  I didn’t expect that to happen.  But what I find more refreshing than that is that for once in the history of the universe, no one is saying (well, almost no one — I’m sure someone somewhere is saying it) “It’s based on a comic book.  What did you expect?” about Sin City the movie.  It helps that it’s getting good reviews, sure, but I still find that amazing.

While the Sin City comic isn’t the most all-encompassing in terms of audience (big guys with guns and naked women will always appeal to the fanboys), Frank Miller has turned it into something that is — for lack of a better word — arty.  I think while Rodriguez’s translation of the comic to film may be a bit too literal, I think it’s expanding the minds of people who didn’t realize that comic books could look like the way Sin City does.  And for me, it’s just been a lot of fun to read about people discussing a non-superhero comic book being turned into a movie.

But, in the end, I don’t think I’m seeing it.  I’ve had fun following its progress and I’m still having fun reading about it (no matter how tired of it I am).  I’m just going through a phase where violence and gore doesn’t appeal to me.  The comics are intense enough for me and I think sitting in a dark theater for over two hours would just be a bit much for me.

But for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy it.