Bone: One Volume Edition

I haven’t had the pleasure of buying this and reading it yet, but I have the first three (possibly four, although that one seems to have gone missing) Bone collections, and so for a cover price of $40 (a little bit more than what two of the softcover collections would cost you), the complete edition is a steal (Amazon currently has it for $27.17, before shipping).

Bone, with its playful transition between slapstick cartoon comedy and grand legend, always functioned better in a collection — it was too hard to keep up with the storyline through individual issues (in a very dfferent way, Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise is similar — it benefits from being collected).  As one of the few comics (although, not only) that appealed to a broad range of ages, Bone will be served well by this all-in-one volume.  I hope the low price will entice casual fans to enjoy this comic the way it deserves to be read.