Graphitti Designs

Comic book fans come in all sizes, especially the female ones, but it’s often hard to tell that from the abundance of large and extra-large sizes of comic book-related T-shirts for sale at most comic book stores.

While most stores will be more than happy to special order shirts in different sizes, if you’d like to see what’s out there or use an alternative method, Graphitti Designs sells a wide selection of comic book T-shirts in sizes from small up to extra large (and even offers a few women’s cut shirts).  From the major publishers to smaller independents, there’s something for everyone, and shipping costs are reasonable.  They do offer images of a good number of shirts, but for some of the older ones, you do have to know what you’re looking for.

Although I’ve never ordered from the site itself, Graphitti Designs does make a good quality product.  My Sandman shirt has gone through many washings over the period of about six years, and while the black has faded, the design is still sharp and has never cracked.  My Strangers in Paradise shirt has also held up well, although it’s been worn less.

If T-shirts aren’t your thing, the company also offers a small but interesting collection of merchandise, including the very cool Scary Godmother tumbler set and the Stardust magnet sets.