Two links

From the ever-amazing Lucy Anne:

  • USA Today Trend Mill. First news item. Although not all of the ones they mention are technically graphic novels, but I think “graphic novel” is quickly coming to mean “Any somewhat serious comic book collection sold in a mainstream book store.” You know, so people can feel good about reading comics.
  • Fairy Graphic Novel Controversy. I haven’t read this, since it’s not out yet, but I was reading Elfquest at 12, and while most of what went on was tasteful (all nudity was implied — things like that), it was fairly adult. Personally, I was always amazed at the sex that would be in young adult novels that I’d find at the library. I think because Mysti is visual, people are more likely to attack it. It’s easier. But I doubt it’s much different than the content found in a lot of other books aimed at 11- to 15-year-olds.