Christian Bale as Batman

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It’s a good choice. He can act, and he looks the part, and like Christopher Nolan says, he has the right balance of light and dark. I think Christopher Nolan may be able to do the Batman story justice. I enjoyed Memento, even to the extent that I think once you get the punchline, there’s not much more to it than that. Still, it’s entertaining to watch again.

Christopher Nolan has an obvious gift for storytelling, though, which I think will be good for a Batman movie — focus on plot above action. That’s where the last two Batman movies began to go wrong (and even on the action, they didn’t do well). Burton’s films were campy fun, but a bit in love with themselves (Batman Returns moreso).

Personally, though, I liked when Darren Aronofsky was tossed around as a director for Batman: Year One. We’ll all make do with his adaptation of Lone Wolf and Cub, though.

Since when did directing comic book movies suddenly become the thing to do?